Bio-Oil Review

I buy this because myclose friend really adore this, and myex also using this. But appereantly bio-oil is not working so well with me. I can’t see mycellulite dissapearing, or myscar is gone.


Still, because I bought two bottle already ( and stupidly I repurchase this bio-oil) So I use it as hand body cream ( put it all over body and hand). And hoping miracle will happend. The only good thing from this bio-oil is for eye cream (Allright, you can call it as oil cream, In overnight I can see the differences in my mata panda ( please use google translate to find out, oh ya I remember. Eye bag I mean)



Score :7/10 ( This oil is winning in almost everything: in the paper in their box is written like that) Can’t give lower score

Repurchase: Maybe yes (Because everybody who look young and fit using this, I still hoping that the miracle will come to me. I still have one bottle full anyway!!!


Price: standart but expensive also for Indonesian low class people. Mine is 130k IDR for 60ml bottle


You can trylah. And tell me yourresult. Maybe I did something wrong about how to use. Ah ya, massage them in about 5 minutes so the oil will come to inner skin.


Thats all from me, how about yourfeedback?


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