How to Avoid a Woman RapeYou


If you are a virgin male and still want to keep it, you should read this. If you are a male, and think that being a virgin is embarrassed you, you should leave this page hehehe. Kidding, you can keep read to widen your mind. Here we go.

First of all, don’t make an affair with unvirgin girl or women (what the different anyway? Hehehe…) Dealing with them will increase the chance of you being rope by them. Because no matter how, they can accidentyly rope you, by accident or not, in their control, or not. They are willing or not. Because somehow, you [Yes, I mean YOU] that make them wanna rope you. Your gesture, your mimic, your foreplay, your kissing, make them having a desire of sex, you start, so don’t blame them, it’s your fault too.

So better to find a virgin too to have an affair with, to have a date with, to accompany with.

Moreover, I am not gonna forbid you married with an unvirgin, because no matter how, that’s your decision. My advise it, better to marry them than to date with. Because their human nature is to kiss you, lick you, hug you, and fuck you. Why? That’s a fact and a reason of loving you, to have sex with. To have sex with someone that they love called by make love, which having sex with someone that they don’t love to called by “rope”, right?

How to know it? Know that somebody is virgin or not virgin?

To telling you the truth, there are plenty article in the internet that telling you how to. But somehow you can’t 100 % believe in it. Because it’s hard, therefore it so personal for some women, but the other will tell you the truth directly. Just say “Sorry, I need to go, you might be not the one for me.” that’s all.

But if you want to find somebody that you want to marry with, one of them might be the choices. It’s not 100 % their fault (If you think that’s a fault) it’s a combination of destiny, condition, and human fault (both of them) in the making of love (read: sex)

Let go it strict, the second is… don’t playing around, flirting too much. You never know the one that you flirt might be thinking about “Do you want me to rope you?” such of that mind is exist. So just keep serious in finding somebody’s right, don’t playing around.

The third, keep focus on what you want. You want a career? Focus on it. You want to graduate so on, focus on it? You want to make your parents proud of you? Focus on it. Girl will come when you success, don’t pay attention too much for them, instead of the chance of you being rope is getting lower, the reachable of your dream also getting bigger. Take a note!

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