Is Love Equal Sex?


No, absouloutly no. Bitch doing sex without love. No love at all. They do it for money.

So, you asking me why your boyfriend asking for sex as the evidence of your love. He just a jerk that want a sex without paying, free. Believe in me. Throw such of that boy to the garbage.

Love is the feeling while Sex is the implementation. You don’t need to do it if you don’t won’t too. Moreover, every religion forbids a freesex, if I am not mistaken. Not just Islam, so do Christian, and you can tell me about the others.

Some jerk (much jerk actually) really exist in this world, so, just be aware.  If you think that your self is deserve to get a good boy, why playing around with the jerk?

Think think think


By PrincessTatia

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