What Kind of Hell We Live in?

I live in a hell, extremilly hell. In my village, Banjarjo Tengah, Sumber Agung, Sumber Baru, Jember region. In here, it’s common for a young couple having sex in an internet cafe. I being the operator in a couple of time so I can know that exactly. There are plenty of hawker that we called as a “warung” in here which have a room to having sex too.

The older man will play “togel”, play billiard with gambling too, there are plenty of thing, soccer, whatever. While the mom is doing the togel stuff too. If a policeman come, they will give plenty of money so that they not being prison in a jail.

I mean… I really live in a hell. In a village which there are much of thug, even I can’t tell any word to the police. Well, two days ago I am going to the Sumberbaru Police Office and they do nothing. They not write down my report, not doing visum to me as a victim of persecution. Moreover, they call the tough and doing a discussion that I can’t hear. Lie to me that the doctor already do a visum to me and the report already send.

But the fact, this morning I ask the doctor did he ask for a apprentice to take my visum and he say not. The police lie to me, so who I can trust then? To whom I can tell and ask for a justice if the police lie to me?

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