What Passion Is?


What passion is?

Do you know it?



Passion is something that always you do

you do it happily

you do it even nobody pay you to do it


You do it every time

you do it everywhere

althoung people feel weird of you


What passion?

Passion is something that you feel you are not alive if you not do it in one day

Passion is something you adore of, you like to, you love to


What passion is?

Passion is the purpose of you be born of

Passion is something that you easy to do that thing when others think it is so hard to do


Passion is something accomplish you more than anything 🙂

It’s describe you like your occupation, job, etc

If you like you like your job of couse :p

Do you like your job anyway?




by PrincessTatia

with Love and Peace

source image http://lifeaisle.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/wordsalad.jpg

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